Workout in less time with high intensity interval training (HiiT).

HiiT is the new fitness craze, promising metabolizing boosting results that last hours in shorter amounts of time.

Science shows that a 30 minute walk burns approximately 100 calories, and 85 from fat. A 30 minute run will burn approximately 200 calories, 100 from fat. However, a 30 minute HiiT workout burns more than 500 calories with 150 being from fat. Another benefit to HiiT is the metabolism boosting effects. Studies have shown a significant increase in resting metabolic rate caused by an Hiit session. The body continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours after the session due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Keep in mind this type of exercise is not for beginners. It is suggested that you have a base level of fitness before taking part in HiiT. It is guaranteed to make your muscles shake from exhaustion, which makes it good that you only have to do it a few times a week to get results.

Typically this type of workout can be done anywhere with the use of a few basic accessories depending on your level of difficulty, either with your body resistance or with light weights. HiiT workouts can also be done with only a small amount of time available in your schedule. You can find videos online or in the store to purchase, or many local gyms offer Hiit classes that you can participate in as well.

The latest fitness craze can be both a time saver and another weapon against the battle of the bulge!

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