Exercise, it does a body good!

Everyone knows that exercise helps you to lose weight and helps with circulation, and some even say those endorphins you can get from exercise are quite nice. Did you know that it can actually help your memory, boost your immunity and may help to fight disease?

Exercise helps to promote circulation in the brain, even for people who are not in shape. In recent studies mice were shown to stimulate new brain cell growth in the memory area after only two weeks of exercise. Studies on people have shown that after only three months, even those with low fitness levels improved circulation to the brain that aids in memory and was shown to improve scores on memory tests, and after one year of exercising three times a week age-related brain-shrinkage was actually reversed.

Although it has been proven that exercise improves immunity, it has not been proven exactly why. A few theories exist however. One is that because of the increased respirations, which force the body to cleanse the lungs of bacteria and foreign particles much faster than it normally would. Another theory is increased circulation, the body is able to produce more white blood cells and transport those cells to various parts of the body much more efficiently, allowing the immune system to react much faster to a potential infection. One other theory is that when you exercise, your body temperature increases making your body a hostile zone for many bacteria and shutting them down before they have a chance to take hold and multiply. One of the simplest theories is that exercise helps to distress the body, which in turn helps the immune system to thrive.

Exercise also encourages cellular cleansing, causing the cells to pass water in and out quicker through diffusion and flushing the cells more rapidly. As the cells flush themselves more rapidly they are also getting the nourishments they need much faster as well and this results in healthier and stronger cells.

Even if you are only able to exercise for a short period of time each day, or if you are only able to exercise a few times a week, it is a very valuable and healthy habit to adapt. Your brain, body, cells and immunity will thank you and you will feel better for it!

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