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More about our Program

In our clinics, we have designed a weight loss plan for patients who have developed subconscious food cravings and have been unsuccessful at achieving an ideal body weight using other weight loss systems.


Synergy Medical Weight Loss provides an exceptional weight loss program with over 10,000 satisfied patients in just four years.

How Our Weight Loss Program Works

The Key Components of Our Weight Loss Program

  • FDA Approved Medication

    Our physicians use FDA approved medications to help your body reduce cravings.

  • Nutrition & Fitness Consulting

    Succeed by making a lifestyle change in the way you see food and exercise.

  • Weight Loss Tools

    You can monitor your weight loss progress from the application or device.

  • Horomone Therapy

    Reduce caloric intake while protecting your muscle and resetting your metabolism.

  • Doctors Exam

    Our medical staff will give a physical exam before treatment. Our staff will guide you.

  • Vitamin Injections

    Vitamin injections along with amino acids help your energy levels.

  • Medications Dispensed on Site*

    We disense your FDA approved appetite suppressing medication on-site.

    * Not available at all locations.

  • Testosterone Therapy

    Set testosterone levels back to normal. Allow your body to function at optimal levels.

About Synergy Medical Weight Loss

Our team of Doctors and staff are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced diagnostics and treatment options available.

We have established an effective weight loss program, with over 5,000 patients at our founding clinic alone. We are expanding our weight loss and fat burning programs nationwide, and it is now available using our online web application.

We blend the most current technologies available in a seamless treatment program that addresses the cause of your specific health concerns and needs.

Our program is tried and true, and our main mission is patient satisfaction. That involves a complex, yet easy to use, web application where patients can track their calories, exercise and weight loss goals.

Our 3 Step Process

This program has been designed by reputable doctors with years of experience helping patients lose weight. Being overweight is a medical condition, and we treat it as one. This is your opportunity to affordably and safely lose weight under a doctor's supervision.

Step 1

The first step to our program is determining if our program is right for you. Scheduling a free consultation will be the first step, with no pressure and no obligation.

Step 2

We design a customized program that is right for your needs.

Step 3

Weekly one on one accountability visits to ensure your success.

Our Locations

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News & Tips

Weight Loss Articles and News

What is keeping you from attaining your weight loss goals?

Often times we try many different options to lose weight and sometimes get frustrated when things don’t always seem to be going the direction we want them to go.

Water Benefits You Head to Toe

Feeling fatigued? Is your skin feeling itchy or are your allergies bothering you more than usual? How are your joints feeling or your tummy? These symptoms as well as others could be simply due to dehydration.

High Intensity Interval Training

HiiT is the new fitness craze, promising metabolizing boosting results that last hours in shorter amounts of time. Does it work?

Exercise, it does a body good!

Everyone knows that exercise helps you to lose weight and helps with circulation, and some even say those endorphins you can get from exercise are quite nice. Did you know that it can actually help your memory, boost your immunity and may help to fight disease?

Can Food Allergies Be Keeping You From Losing Weight?

Adverse reactions to foods can be caused by one of three issues; contamination of the food, psychological reactions based on prior experiences with specific foods, and non-toxic reactions (food allergies, and food intolerances).

Omega 3 benefits for Health and Weight Loss

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats are good fats known as polyunsaturated fats. Omega 3’s have a positive effect on your health and can benefit your attempts at weight Loss but many American’s don’t get enough of these beneficial essential fats. Omega 3 fats help to reduce inflammation of cells, it has been shown to reduce insulin resistance, and improve brain function and can even boost mood and energy levels.

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